Commence Europe has a number of (international) resellers. Our resellers offer unique application templates for specific company requirements and processes.

The list below introduces our resellers with a short introduction and an overview of the database models they provide.


Founded in 2000, be.wan is an independent Belgian company providing IT services to SMEs and departments in large enterprises. Our core businesses: software development, support, consultancy and software engineering. Right from the start, our activities have been based on values that inspire our teams on a daily basis. The 60 IT professionals working at be.wan cover most of your organisation’s IT needs, from audit and consultancy to the operational use of your business solutions ( software and Infrastructure ), via all the phases of your IT management project. All our staff are there to help, and ask nothing more than to demonstrate their skills.


Strong In Modulair Management Information Systems. SIMMIS delivers a written Commence database-model that allows companies to improve the organization continuously. Products: Commence ORM (Operational Risk Management), Commence GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance), Commence CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Commence HRM (Human Resource Management) and Commence ISO

VCC Aruba

In the past 20 years we have managed to become one the leading distributors of software-packages such as Exact, Commence, Payroll Pro Ultra and many more in the Caribbean. From implementing, supporting till interfacing between each of them is what separates us from the rest. This will result in lower cost and high quality reports.It’s not easy to verbalize the solutions we’re able to offer, but we can assure you that very often we go way beyond the standard functionality of conventional software. Every serious company has its own unique way of doing business. You might think that certain solutions are impossible, but we consider it fun to make the assumed impossible possible. Since 2008 we have used Commence to build a complete HR-administration-tool which is used by almost 40% of our customers. It provides your company the opportunity to incorporate the individual personnel information including registration of sick-leave, absence and authorization rules.


Vovin Services offers everything you need in terms of Commence since 1999. Ranging from simple installation to extensive customization, user support and technical support. Additionally Vovin Services provides customized Microsoft Office, specifically Word and Excel. Do you have specific needs in the field of Office, or is making ‘a macro’ out of control?